Tattoo Removal


Starting at $400.


15 minutes+


A week or more of downtime.

Effective Tattoo Removal

The PicoWay laser is FDA-approved to treat all skin types and ink colors. The PicoWay uses a high power picosecond light beam to target ink particles in the skin. These pulses shatter tattoo ink into minuscule particles which are harmlessly absorbed by the body. Picosecond tattoo removal uses ultra fast pulses to shatter tattoo ink without damaging surrounding skin. PicoWay tattoo removal typically requires less treatments and causes less damage than other tattoo removal methods.

How It Works

PicoWay tattoo removal treatments target ink particles in the skin and shatter them into tiny, barely visible pieces. These tiny ink particles are then absorbed by the body, leaving ink free skin behind.

We offer treatments in single sessions or unlimited packages in order to meet your needs.

Frozen C cryotherapy pairs well with tattoo removal to help reduce discomfort and shorten the healing process.


“Great place to get a laser! Super sweet staff, but I am seeing results πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ I def recommend. They have lasers here that cater to all skin tones. No burns or allergic reactions! Plus they are very delicate with my tattoo areas.”

- Nicey Renae

“The atmosphere is calming and serene, everyone is extremely welcoming and patient and the work has given me amazing results! I definitely recommend Enhanced Aesthetics!”

- Anabel Nemrow

“Office staff is very professional and friendly. They offer fantastic services and I would not go to another office. They also look out for you and don’t recommend unnecessary services just to run the bill up which is very rare in this field. So you know of they are recommending something it’s a safe bet to take them up on their advice.”

- Aaron Thompson

“Beautiful office, professional staff, and basically no wait time. They offer super affordable services with great holiday deals.”

- Alexia Montas

“I have had the best experience in times. Thanks to all the Enhanced aesthetics team. All very professional and attentive since your arrival. To Stephanie, I don’t know how to thank her for her work, her kindness, professionalism and attention. The sweetness and charisma that characterizes her. I am super happy and grateful to have met them and I recommend 100% to everyone if they are looking to look spectacular and a good professional result, do not hesitate to visit Enhanced aesthetics. Thank you all very much.”

- Barbie Hernandez

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