Frozen C

What is Frozen C?

Frozen C is a cryotherapy device that delivers concentrated, controlled medical grade cryogen to the skin. Cryotherapy is a powerful tool that utilizes sub-zero temperatures for acne treatment, healing, anesthetics and soothing skin.

The extreme cold of Frozen C can neutralize inflammation to reduces downtime, side effects, and discomfort that may occur after other aesthetic treatments. Additionally, Frozen C can treat active acne by calming the irritated area, killing bacteria, and closing exposed pores.

How We Use It

Frozen C Acne Facials a painless procedure that kills bacteria on the surface of the skin and promotes skin renewal.

Pre-Treatment Anesthetic  topically numbs treatment areas (we love using it with Tattoo Removal, PicoWay Resolve, injections and more).

Post-Treatment Calming  cools post-procedure skin, calms redness, reduces bruising and speeds up the healing process.

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